About me

I am currently studying at Exia - Cesi school in order to become an IT engineer. For my 4th year of studies, I have to carry out a 4 month internship abroad from september 2017 that's why, i'm really interested in going to USA and joining your team


IT Intern - Software Development

Antsys, Bordeaux, France

I'm currently working as a Software Developer on 2 projects :

  • Adding fonctionnalities to an asp.net website.
  • Creating a Java App in order to log into a webservice using an OTP, involving writing specifications and unit testing.

IT Intern - Software Development

30/06/2016 ~ 15/08/2016
DMIC SAS, Bruges, France

I was entrusted with a few tasks given by David Babin, executive director.

This internship was an opportunity to work on various subjects such as :

  • Developing a tool with JavaScript/NodeJs.
  • Developing a website with AngularJs (2).
  • Using Webpack and TypeScript.
  • Writing first draft of specifications.

I could improve my skills using all these technologies. Working in a smaller company than my 1st internship enabed me to develop my team spirit and my flexibility

IT Intern - Software Developement

01/09/2015 ~ 30/10/2015
Derichebourg, Paris, France

Under the direction of Eric Cuziat, IT Manager, I could realize a few tasks like :

  • Managing a online ticket platform.
  • Managing company's CRM and helping the person in charge of it.
  • Developing a C# tool which made CITRIX servers managements easier.
  • Developing a C# tool in order to update an AS400 server.
  • Adding some functionalities to an Access Database.

This internship was my first IT professionnal experience. It allowed me to put into practice my knowledge and develop skills.


Java & C#

Php & SQL



DataBase : MySQL & SQL Server & Access

AngularJs2 & Bootstrap

Modelization (UML / Merise)

Project Management & Agility